The Science of the Cards 

Everyone has the desire to write the record of their life that we most want to see. Whether it is success at our jobs, finding healthy relationships or finding spiritual peace, the unknown interfere with our ability to plot our course and leaves us at the whims of the forces of universe. The Science of the Cards is a divination tool to help you fight back.


By divining the destiny of your life through card science, you're able to understand how the planetary and numerological forces of the Universe work with us. This important knowledge can give you insight into people, events, and choices that cannot be controlled by us.  With card science, you are able to author your own destiny with confidence and purpose, hand-in-hand with the unlimited power and majesty of the Universe.


How Card Science Works  

A close examination of our common playing cards reveal that it is actually a calendar system that matches the numeric values of the calendar that we use today in every single way. The cards were created to be a symbolic representation of the cycles that govern this world in which we live. Though the cards first appeared in the hands of the common people shortly after the fall of Egypt to the Romans in the days of Cleopatra, they existed much earlier in history than that. When using the Science of the Cards it is not necessary to even have a deck of cards. Everything that we do is done by calculations using the birthdays of individuals and the numerics of our calendar. This system is most closely related to Astrology. But, also numerology.  It even incorporates planetary influences as part of its interpretations. 

Every card in the deck has several ways of being expressed. There are ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ manifestations of each card that depend upon the individual to be expressed. To begin with the natural order of the suits is Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and finally Spades. There is a lot of information hidden within the suits of our Birth Cards but I will give you a simple example of their distinctions. Each suit represents one of the four stages of life. Hearts represents childhood, Clubs represents our school years, Diamonds represents our adulthood and money-making years of life while Spades represent old age, the last years of our life. We see these meanings expressed in the people of these suits. Heart people are eternally child-like, playful and often immature. Clubs are eternally curious, love to read and learn new things. Diamonds are adults and money conscious. Diamond children, for example, will not like to be treated like babies. Spades are wise, hard working and tend to be attracted to those of older years. Even babies who are spades will have that look of wisdom on their faces.


Card Science Reports

DL's Moon Spells offers card science reports that help you to decipher and understand the science of the cards. These personalized reports will be an exciting look into your past and future through the divination of the Science of the Cards.

In order to get a report, it is necessary to have your birth date and the birth date of those that you care to know about.

Love Cards Report

  • An in-depth description of your Love Cards
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Destiny Cards Report

  • An in-depth description of your Birth Cards and Planetary Ruling Cards
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Destiny and Love Card Reports

  • An in-depth description of your Love Cards, Birth Cards and Planetary Ruling Cards
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