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Something for all Spiritual beliefs and practices. Prayer is spellwork and spellwork is prayer. 

Altars aren't just for Catholic priests!  Buddhists, Catholics, Hindus, Santerians and many other religions encourage us to pray every day at home. 

It's recommended to have an altar for spellwork as well. An altar should reflect your religion and your personality.

 Your Altar: 

An altar is created with inspiration that comes from within. That which represents the divine to you.

At times when we feel afraid, lonely, brokenhearted or angry...an altar pulls us out of the mundane and chaotic into the divine. It helps create divine experiences here on earth.  Moon Spells is here to make building your altar a joyous, playful and soulful experience.

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Male Energy

Male energy consists of firm, penetrating energy represented by the Athame or Blade. The male balances female energy, which creates oneness that one cannot survive without.

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Female Energy

Female energy consists of an accepting, nuturing energy represented by the Chalice or Bowl. The female balances male energy, which creates oneness that one cannot survive without.


The Pentagram is a symbol of protection. The five pointed star represents bringing Heaven to Earth, encircled to represent protection from evil and harmful forces both externally and internally.

Earth Energy

Earth is represented by the minerals the Earth creates. Crystals, stones, and rocks placed on your altar and kept on your person to remind one of what they are made.

Fire Energy

Fire, or the flame, represents creation, purification, and the light of which nothing is created without. Candles and their holders are a safe way to honor the flame.

Air Energy

Air represents the invisible breath of life. Incense is used to give form and appreciation this life-force.

Water Energy

Water represents our thirst for union with the divine. Water can come from any source, though holy waters, lake waters, and other specialty waters are often used in rituals meant to bring us closer to the divine.

Altar Cloth

An altar cloth is a clean, honored space for your altar on any surface. They are used to protect both the altar and the world from meeting during prayer.

Altar Table

A cool table, if you need one.

Facing East

The sun rises in the East and represents 'The Beginning'. Facing East can help invoke feelings of turning to the light of God, however, wherever you are most comfortable placing your altar is its ideal location.